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Gas Saving Tip: Use Overdrive Gears to Save Fuel

With high gas prices, everyone is concerned about their vehicle’s fuel efficiency. So it has become crucial to optimize how you use fuel. There are many ways to reduce your gas requirements, but one such way is that has been very effective is using overdrive gears.

According to one study, you can improve fuel economy up to 37 per cent by changing your driving habits. Combined this with routine maintenance and you can save real dollars, not just pennies.

Overdrive gears are said to improve the fuel economy of your car during highway driving. Your car’s engine speed decreases when you downshift. This reduces both fuel consumption and engine wear. Using this technique, you don’t just save the fuel but also reduce excessive wear and tear on your car.

The good news is that with these small changes you can drastically improve your gas mileage. The stipulation is that you have to change your driving habits just a little bit. If you are willing to change, you’ll find many related benefits as well like no speeding tickets, greater safety, reduced stress and lower repair bills for tires and brake pads. In the long run this will save you money. Moreover it these changes will make you more responsible and sensitive towards your environment.