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Gas saving tip: Keep your ride smooth

Did you know that a car consumes most of its gas during acceleration? Force equals mass times acceleration. It’s a law of physics. Did you know a moving car requires very little gas to keep it moving? So applying this theory to the way you drive will improve your gas mileage and keep the ride smooth. For example, most drivers in mild or heavy traffic use constant bursts of acceleration followed by heavy braking. Clearly, driving like this causes other drivers to brake and accelerate too causing a chain reaction.

It is fairly easy to hold a steady speed in a long line of cars without using or stepping on your brakes. All you have to do is keep a fair distance, let’s say a gap about the size of a large sedan. Try practicing this the next time you use the highway. Always pay close attention to the cars ahead of you so that you can anticipate when traffic is about to slow down, that way you won’t lose power to friction and you can keep going the same speed without having to accelerate.

This is the best way to save gas in heavy traffic; you’ll easily save 10 to 20 per cent on your gas mileage. So the next time you encounter heavy traffic you might want to try this method. It will help decrease gas consumption.