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*** CDN $ 1.211 : WTI Oil $56.99 - 0.16 cents USD/barrel : Brent Oil $ 64.84 - 0.50: RBOB gasoline futures 200.9  + 0.11 US cents/gallon : Diesel/Heating oil $192.14 - 0.99 cents/gal : Nat Gas $ 2.52 - 2 cents US MBtu : Propane $0.57 - 2 cents/litre Sarnia, On***
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CBC: Oil prices drop, gas prices follow

The price of oil has been falling steadily for more than a week, dipping below $102 US a barrel Thursday in New York as worries over world oil supply diminish. [Read more...]

Instability sends gas prices to record highs in Montreal

MONTREAL — Shadowy — not to say shady — global speculation due to international political volatility and massive cuts in Canada’s oil refining capacity. Those are your two culprits, if [Read more...]

Toronto Star: Fuel hikes to $1.40/litre for gas unlikely says Dan McTeague

There’s no need to sweat over recent gas price hike predictions just yet. Local news reports late last week claiming it’ll cost $1.40 a litre to fill ’er up on regular [Read more...]

Calgary Herald: Ottawa calls for investigation into propane supply crisis, huge price jumps

OTTAWA – The federal government is calling for an investigation of a “fairly serious” propane supply crisis that has seen prices for the fuel nearly double since the fall. Ontario’s [Read more...]

Ottawa Citizen: Take Ontario propane shortage reports seriously, analyst says

Reports of a propane shortage in Eastern Ontario do not surprise former MP Dan McTeague, who predicted as much when he fought the merger of two Canadian propane producers more [Read more...]

Take Ontario propane shortage reports seriously, analyst says BY ELIZABETH PAYNE, OTTAWA CITIZEN JANUARY 4, 2014 21 STORY PHOTOS ( 1 ) Former MP and energy analyst Dan McTeague said reports [Read more...]

Western Canada’s continuing gas shortage saga

McTeague Questions Winnipeg Gas Price CJOB News Team reporting 6/7/2013 It’s a puzzle for the founder of   tomorrowsgaspricetoday-dot-com.   Dan McTeague can’t understand why prices at gas stations in Winnipeg are [Read more...]

Prairies paying for a lack of oversight

Gas Prices Soar to 135.9 CJOB News Team reporting 5/23/2013Gas prices in Winnipeg are now 14 cents higher than this time last year.They’re at 135.9 at most stations across Winnipeg [Read more...]

Anti Competitive Margin Squeeze On Gas Retailers Explained : Note Hand Wringing By Ontario’s Ministry of Energy

  Jennifer O’Meara | May 15, 2013 – 4:30 AM | Gas war driving pump prices down in central Durham — for now Stations cheapest in Oshawa, Whitby and Courtice, [Read more...]

CJOB: Winnipeg Gas Prices Up Another 6 Cents

Gasoline prices at the pumps have gone up at some Winnipeg stations. Dan McTeague of Tomorrow’s Gas Price Today confirms: we’re seeing 128.9 cents a litre, a 6 cent jump. [Read more...]