Gas Price Predictions for Fort-mcmurray
*** CDN $ 1.1010 : WTI Oil $ 104.45 + 0.72 cents USD/barrel : Brent Oil $ 109.73 + 0.98 : RBOB gasoline futures $305.86  + 1.81 US cents/gallon : Diesel/Heating oil $ 301.03 - o.03 US cents/gal : Nat Gas $ 4.73 + 0.20 cents US MBtu: Propane $ 1.19 + 0.01 cents/gallon Conway, Ks ***
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With fuel prices going up up,should Ottawa drop the GST on the rising price of heating fuels like oil, natural gas and propane ?



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Fort McMurray Gas Prices

fort-mcmurray's Gas Price for Monday, April 21 will be:


117.9 cents
No Change on fort-mcmurray  Gas Price cents

Gas Prices in fort-mcmurray will remain same.

*Tomorrow's Gas Prices for fort-mcmurray are posted from Monday - Saturday as early as 2pm. Check back often!
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Assumes a retail margin of:
/ litre
With credit charges shaving 2.5 cents a litre from the merchant, a retail margin LOWER THAN 6 CENTS A LITRE is below-cost selling that injures retail competition and leads to lock step pricing and exhorbitant retail charges by the remaining stations
Gas Prices for fort-mcmurray:
*Price in Canadian dollars

On this day last
year crude was: