Note: Markets firm up every day around 4pm EST / 1pm PST / 5pm AST: So be sure to check back to see where gas prices for the day after tomorrow will be at that time. As pricing structures differ across Canada, reliability of the forecast is greatest in urban centres in Ontario.

Future gas price forecast: Predicting tomorrow’s price has been a resounding success for us at But there’s always room for improvement. Giving you the power to chose when to buy gas led us to another idea: Why not give you a heads up on when we know where gas prices are going in 36 hours from now?!

We think that while our innovation and unparalleled accuracy in knowing tomorrow’s price saves you hundreds of dollars per year, having the advantage of a forecast of where prices are going in two days can only help save even more. This information will also help you better plan your gas purchases to suit your needs. Here’s how it works:


gas prices up means prices are likely to rise after tomorrow
gas prices down means prices are likely to fall even more after tomorrow
gas prices no change means there will be no change in the price after tomorrow

Note: These trends are a general indicator and may not always apply to smaller communities given their more competitive pricing advantages.