Dan McTeague had a distinguished eighteen-year career as a Member of Parliament – first elected for Ontario Riding in the October 25, 1993 general election. He was re-elected five times thereafter, lastly as the Member of Parliament for Pickering-Scarborough East in 2008. In December 2003, he was sworn into the Privy Council and appointed Parliamentary Secretary to Foreign Affairs and tasked with responsibility for saving the lives of Canadians abroad. After being re-elected in 2006, Dan McTeague was appointed Official Opposition Critic for Consumer Affairs, a position he held until 2011.

A long time consumer advocate, Dan McTeague served on numerous Parliamentary Committees where he was able to spearhead studies on important issues such as Canadian debit and credit fees, telecommunications and energy pricing – chairing the 1997 Liberal Committee on Gasoline Pricing. Combine this with his efforts on legislation aimed at amending the Competition Act and Bill C-253, which would have made RESP deductions tax deductible, Dan McTeague has aggressively pursued issues of importance to the pocket book of middle class Canadians for over fifteen years. Voted hardest working MP by the Hill Times, Dan McTeague was also the recipient of the Friend of Small Business award presented by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).

Well known as Canada’s “Gas Crusader” or “Gas Guru”, Dan McTeague founded TomorrowsGasPriceToday.com in 2007 with the help of Andy Walker who runs the digital agency cyberwalker media. The site was created to help save Canadian consumers at the pump (by highlighting the price change a day in advance) but, most importantly, to prove to policy makers and Canadians alike the lack of competition in Canada’s energy sector.


Apart from consumer, consular affairs, competition policy and child protection advocacy for which is better known,  Dan is currently National Program Director Co-Chair of Wounded Warriors Canada (www.woundedwarriors.ca) and Director with the Tony Stacey Centre for Veterans Care in Scarborough, Ontario