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Gas Saving Tip: Can I Improve Gas Mileage with Synthetic Oil?

At we are doing lot of research to bring not just Gas Price Forecasts every day but also various ways to increase gas mileage of your vehicle so you save even more money on gas.

Regardless of the complexity of modern automotive engines, the old-fashioned job of changing the oil remains to be the most essential bit of regular maintenance as a car owner you can do. A regular oil change will help increase the life span of your vehicle.

Even better, switching from conventional motor oil to synthetic oil can actually give you better gas mileage.

The use of synthetic oil first started in aerospace industry. The automotive industry noticed the importance of synthetic oil to improve engine efficiency and adopted the technique.

The key reason why synthetic oil will most likely make it easier to achieve greater fuel economy is because it has a tendency to lubricate your car’s engine much better than conventional motor oil.  With better lubrication, there is less friction inside the engine, which in turn enables the engine to operate more efficiently, letting you accomplish greater gas mileage.

You will typically be able to get more kilometers in between oil changes if you use synthetic oil.  Nearly all automotive companies recommend oil changes every 3,000 to 4,000 kilometers if conventional motor oil is used. You can change your oil every 5,000 to 6.000  kilometers when using synthetic oil.